The benefits have been known for over 2000 years


Previously, only royal families were allowed to use this product.

Velvet antlers are considered the best natural medicine for restoring general physical strength. In Asian countries, especially in China and Korea. Velvet antler is used in hospitals to decrease anemia, boost the immune system, treat infertility and impotence . It is also used to regulate blood circulation, minimize the effects of menopause, restore nerve function, treat arthritis, treat osteoporosis, and treat stunting in children.


Increase in general physical condition


Anti aging


Velvet antlers contain protective antioxidants and anti-free radicals, but above all the natural growth hormone IGF.

This hormone abounds in young human cells, but decreases sharply with age.

Together, these products help slow the aging process.


Anti stress


Anti-Arthritis and osteoporosis

Note that in North America there are roughly 50 million people who suffer from arthritis, a progressive disease of the cartilage tissue, which is due to the loss of proteoglycan and the deterioration of cartilage. The collagen part and the bone part are both degraded.

The use of an external source of glucosamine sulfate, collagen or chondroitin sulfate can help relieve this disease. In velvet antlers, these elements are present in an important way.

Indeed, the mixture of the active products of velvet antlers increases the absorption of these components which favor the reconstruction of the part of collagen and bone of the joints.

Clinical trials with velvet antlers have had very positive results.

Recently, they have made it possible to identify and characterize a peptide, present in velvet antlers, which has an anti-inflammatory effect providing results significant in the treatment of arthritis.

Also very rich in minerals, velvet antlers provide in particular calcium and phosphate under their

organic form, which can help prevent bone decalcification "Osteoporosis".

Growth stimulation in children

In this regard in Korea, 10% of the velvet antlers are used for children. This product contains growth hormones, a source of calcium in organic form and components like chondroitin that speed up the process of bone calcification. All of these components ensure normal growth for children.

But still the therapeutic effects of velvet antlers are far from all mentioned.

The ones presented above are the most obvious. The clinical studies on velvet antlers are only at the beginning.

In particular, these studies are multiplying in various research centers.

Effectively in New Zealand, Korea, China, Russia and Alberta.

As far as we are concerned, we note that there will be more and more people who will use natural products in the future.

Either to do prevention or to cure diseases in a radical way.

Please note that velvet antlers are particularly intended for people who want to keep a good physical condition.

By the way, velvet antler helps to reduce the risk of premature aging. It is then intended for people suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis.

In addition it is good for growing children. And for women in menopause, men in andropause and athletes.

In conclusion, velvet antler is a natural food supplement.

Finally, to obtain an optimal effect!

In this regard the velvet antler should be consumed for 1 to 2 months.

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